The Murray Luther Story


regime report

Murray Luther has been the pen name I’ve been using since 2004, when I began posting my comments and views on Scientology to various online forums and newsgroups. I was a militantly devout member for over twenty-five years, with a hefty resumé of auditing, training, staff experience, and more. In that time I donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and engaged in just about everything in which a Scientologist could possibly participate. It was the time of deprogrammers, covert operations, and the Guardians Office FBI raids. I took part in shady financial deals, survived the tabloid controversies, and witnessed the many internal schisms, political purges, and revised policies from which the Church has never recovered.


In the beginning, I preferred anonymity when discussing Scientology. Though I’ve chosen to remain anonymous to this day, I’m not entirely sure why. Tradition, nostalgia, paranoia, who knows? I have no illusions that the Church could probably figure out who I am if they really wanted to. But I’m no big deal, so I continue to cruise under their radar.


I sometimes like to think of myself as the Forrest Gump of Scientology. At times a hapless devotee, at other times a clueless spectator, I was there during some of the Church’s most defining moments. But at all times I was a fervent disciple who supported and took part in many of the Church’s ludicrous exploits.


If I’ve learned anything from my years in the Church, I’ve come to understand the thinking and behavior of the ideological zealot. These are the followers of fanatical religious movements, extremist political organizations, and trendy social revolutions. They’re society’s true believers who are convinced that no end is greater, and therefore no means too severe. The Church of Scientology has taken undue advantage of its own good people, exploiting them beyond what is decent and acceptable. Even the most noble of causes loses its virtue if you find that your sense of right and wrong has been compromised.


regime report